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Textile - Jasmine Børresen (NO)

Exhibition: My father has moved out of his childhood home

Jasmine Børresen is a Norwegian painter and textile artist. About her piece “My father has moved out of his childhood home” she tells this story:

“The work is a collage of different textiles I found hidden at the back of many closets in my old childhood home. The plot Østerliveien 31a was bought by a real estate development company, which mercilessly buys plots in the entire neighborhood to build new homes at staggering prices. We have filed a case against them, and they against us. It has been a long battle, but in the end my little family had to give up and the real estate development company tore down our old home. It’s not only my childhood home, but my father’s as well. Here we found treasures from the war, and like many who experienced that period, they threw nothing away. I found my grandmother’s curtains, tablecloths, fabrics, buttons, knitting needles. I want to use them to commemorate Østerliveien 31a at Lambertseter in Oslo.”

It goes without saying, that art harnessing textiles is not necessarily more material than so much other art, still, materiality and tactile aspects – texture, structure, shine, fragility and softness appear more significant, more pressing. 

When materiality takes centre-stage, then artworks draw attention to their banal existence as objects, as things, and may challenge a number of preconceived notions about art. The notion that works of art are above things. The notion that art is impractical, of no everyday value, indeed, that it should not be usable. 

In 2020 and 2021 the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands is paying tribute to art that draws on textiles with a series of exhibitions.


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