06 May
Tórshavn (capital)
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Hobbyhorse Revolution (FI)

Finnish documentary for the whole family. Children’s Week 2021

Hobbyhorse Revolution
Finnish documentary, 2016

Aisku, Elsa and Alisa come from very different families. They are teenage girls who are passionate about hobbyhorses, traditionally a toy for much younger children. With other girls they form a tight community that is brimming with imagination and strong emotions. The majority of hobbyhorse youth have had to encounter bullying, but many of them have found a way to deal with problems and find support in their hobbyhorse -community. Through these girls and their friends we learn about a very special phenomenon; a kick ass subculture with a punk rocking attitude. Hobbyhorse Revolution is a funny and touching adventure between a child’s imagination and the reality of growing up. The film questions; when does one become too old to play? The high quality documentary material and videos shot by the teenagers, draw a picture of a subculture that resists categorisation and of young people who bravely choose a lifestyle they can call their own.

Director: Selma Vilhunen

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Nordic House - Norðurlandahúsið

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06 May 18:00


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