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Barn (Beware of Children)


Barn (Beware of Children) Norwegian movie

In suburban Oslo, Norway, the world is turned upside down, when a fight with a school bag ends with fatal consequences as a child is killed by his classmate.

Was it on purpose or an accident? And who should be held responsible? The parents, the teachers or the school system? The unfortunate episode floods the small community where everyone knows each other with new thoughts and quandaries and forces the main characters into a whirlwind of lies, misunderstandings, pretences and self-deceit.

Dag Johan Haugeruds ambitious and thought-provoking picture Barn, uncovers the relations between children and adults with both earnestness and empathy. Do we know our children? Do the teachers know their students? Can we trust them? And how far will we go to protect them? All those questions mixed with a bit of dark humour, which makes the tough subjects slide down easier. Especially in a situation, where adults lose all sense of responsibility and start acting like children.

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Parental advice. Certification: 11
Language: Norwegian. Danish subtitles

Director: Dag Johan Haugerud
Script: Dag Johan Haugerud
Producer: Yngve Sæther


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