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The Faroe Islands has re-opened to visitors from certain countries

The Faroe Islands has re-opened its borders to visitors frome some countries. Please read carefully below.

Travellers from countries in EU and Schengen area, as well as the UK

Effective 27 June, the Danish border, and hereby the Faroese border, will open to countries in the EU and Schengen area, as well as the UK. The re-opening is dependent on countries meeting certain objective criteria. Specifically, countries must have a low number of infected persons and meet a criterion still in development regarding their testing regimes. The borders will be open to citizens of countries that meet the criteria.

Countries are divided into two groups: quarantine countries and open countried. The list is based on the current number of infected people and is updated weekly by the SSI. Therefore, there might be changes in a country’s status. If you are planning on travelling to the Faroe Islands, we urge to you stay updated on this matter. You can see the list of quarantine and open countries here.

Countries other than EU Member States, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom are currently by definition banned countries. Travellers from these countries are not allowed to enter the country without a recognised reason. Tourism is not a recognised reason. Read more about the border control here. For questions regarind the border control or the list of banned countries, please contact the police.

For FAQ regarding travel to and from the Faroe Islands, click here.

COVID-19 test

All travellers are required to take a test upon arrival in the Faroe Islands.

Tests are free of charge.

Children younger than 12 are not required to be tested.

Testing will take place at Vágar airport or the ferry terminal in Hirtshals. Long waiting times should be expected. Travellers should self-quarantine until they have received the result of the test. Usually, results are ready the same evening or midday the following day.

If you are travelling by ferry with Smyril Line from Denmark, tests will be taken at the port in Hirsthals in Denmark.

If you are travelling by ferry with Smyril Line from Iceland, tests will be taken at the port in Tórshavn.

More information

It is of utmost importance that all travellers to the Faroe Islands take appropriate precautions while travelling. Upon arrival, particular care must be taken and the public health guidelines must be followed closely.

The Government of the Faroe Islands is constantly monitoring developments and will revise these measures if and when necessary.

For information about travel from your country, please seek information from the respective authority in your countries of residence.

Here are some links to the most important sites that can help you stay updated regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19):
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We will continue to update this page as the situation regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) develops.

Updated: 29/06/2020 at 14:40

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